If you've never skated before, we encourage you to give it a go at the Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink (COIR) Learn to Skate classes. Better yet, the Learn to Skate classes for speed skating.


Except for January our speed skate school runs all year around on:

MONDAYS:       6.00PM-6.45PM

SATURDAYS:  11.30AM-12.15PM

All ages and abilities are welcome although it's preferable for skaters to be over 4 years old. No membership is required although you need to record your name with the COIR Skate School program.

We have quality coaches to help you learn in a friendly atmosphere.

Regular skill assessments are carried out so that you can keep track of your progress.

What do I need to wear?    

Close-fitting clothes that cover your arms and legs. A long-sleeved T-shirt or track suit would be good.

We can offer you loan equipment such as a helmet and knee pads, or you can bring your own.

What about the skates?    

You can wear the normal hire skates or borrow from our supply of speed skates.

Speed skates have longer blades which make it easier to glide over the ice.

         Short Track Speed Skating on Ice encourages confidence, fitness, endurance, and is fun!