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Steven Bradbury's Gold Medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics really put short track speed skating on the map. Steven started his skating career at Canterbury Ice Skating rink.

Australia's first ever Winter Olympic medal was won by our Speed Skating team in Lillehammer in Norway in 1994. Three members of that team, Steven Bradbury, Kieran Hanson & Andrew Murtha, all started their careers at Canterbury's Skate School.

The coach for the winning team at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway was our Maggie Holland. Maggie is still with us and concentrates her coaching efforts on the Monday evening Canterbury Skate School skaters and the junior skaters in the Sydney Arrows Ice Racing Club.

Our club coach, and coach to our senior skaters, is Scott Weekes.
Scott started his skating career with Maggie as his coach. Scott was the Australian team coach at the 2016 Junior Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and the 2018 Junior World Championship in Poland. We are very lucky to have him.

Come along to a training session and get to know us. If you've had speed skating experience, you may be able to join in club activities immediately, otherwise, why not start with Skate School? Skate school caters for both adults and children.

After skating with the club skaters for four training sessions, you must become a member - for insurance purpose. To do this go to the Australian Ice Racing web site

Note that Sydney Arrows is a coached club. Who knows, you may become our next Olympic champion!

Click on this link Maggie Holland to read more about Maggie.